So as I sat at my desk trying to weed through all the inane news stories, trying to find something worth writing about I was about to give up. I posted on the Facebooks that I hated writer's block and my Niece came to my rescue. She said that she had seen a video recently that really changed her outlook on herself, others and maybe even life in general.

Now THAT to me sounded much better than any story I could write about a Kardasian or yet another sport's star getting arrested. SO she sent me the link and I watched the video.

I loved it. I hope you do too. It is from Dove beauty products and while it may be a promotional video the concept and the message are brilliant. If you haven't seen it yet , I think you will like it and I encourage you to share it with all of your friends.

Remember, you ARE so much more beautiful than YOU think you are.