Here I am, getting ready to go to yet another fantastic area school for the Readin', Writin' and Rhymin' Tour, and this news item is flashing across my phone as we speak- "School Shooting In Ohio".  This is nauseating! 

According to we have another school shooting on our hands at Chardon School in Ohio , although the shooter is in custody.  Here's a video that I found from someone in Ohio who posted it on YouTube:



Those wounded at Chardon High School in Ohio are students at another school in nearby Auburn, said Evan Erasmus, a student at Chardon. They had been waiting in the Chardon cafeteria for a bus to Auburn when they were shot, Erasmus said.

I'm sure we'll be hearing much more about this, but thought I would spread the word.  What can we do to stop this spread of senseless violence in our schools? Taking your comments below, because truthfully I'm out of ideas!  And now you wonder why parents are getting more and more protective of their kids!






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