We're getting there-the much anticipated (or much dreaded, depending on your point of view) Black Friday.  And that begs the question:  is Black Friday really the best day to buy everything?  Well, here's a bit of technology to help you decide.  It's called DECIDE.com (genius!)

This handy dandy little tool, according to their decide.com website, tells you when to buy or when not to based on "price predictions", which according to them

..our predictions are right 77% of the time, and when they are we save you $54 per product.

Decide.com graphic

It will also help you predict when the next version of the thing you want to buy is coming out so you have no "buyer's remorse" later.  (They must go berserk with just the Apple Corporation alone! )

You can actually type in a product on their regular website and test it out.  For example, I tried "iPhone 4s (the new one) and it says that you should "buy, because prices not likely to drop, and no new model for at least 6 months.  Seems pretty accurate there.

This could be a great tool to see if that Black Friday flatscreen you are looking at is really at it's lowest price.  Maybe you can get it later in the year for even less!  (Ah, the heck with it--you want it NOW, right?)   If you're like me, that's probably true.

Decide is FREE in the Apple app Store, by the way.  At least THAT's an easy purchase to "decide"!






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