Ryan, my seven-year-old, has been to a lot of different sporting events and concerts, but last weekend, he had an experience of a lifetime that I think all of us that are Yankee fans wish we could. Now I think I need to pull back some expectations. My seven-year-old has quite the life. He has seen concerts and sporting events up close. He has even met a few stars and got some autographs. Last Sunday, Ryan and his little league team were invited to a Yankee game. They not only got to watch the game from the left-field seats, they were invited to walk around the field before the game and wave to the crowd.

Chrissy Townquare Media
Chrissy Townquare Media

Ryan even took some dirt from the warning track. It was a trip of a lifetime. I just don't want this trip, along with other sporting events where he's sat very close to the action, for him to think that this is how it always is. Don't get me wrong, I want this kid to get the most out of every experience, I just feel like the bar is set so high.

How can I make sure that he knows how fortunate he is and not take it for granted? I can tell him all the time, but how do I ensure that he knows it?

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