The new Xbox One has been unveiled and it looks amazing. The people at Microsoft have gone the extra mile to make the Xbox the center of your entertainment center.

One of the major selling points of the new Xbox is a Live action Halo series developed by Steven Spielberg.

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This new console includes a Blu-ray player, plus you can hook your cable box to it and watch TV without switching inputs even if the internet connection goes out.

The Kinect sensor will be integrated into every Xbox One console.  And the new sensor is supposedly so sensitive that it can read your heartbeat while you workout.

The Xbox One takes full advantage of cloud storage.  All your game progress is stored online in the cloud. There's a game DVR to record your gaming sessions.

One of the biggest complaints about new game systems is not enough games. That plus the fact Xbox One will NOT play old Xbox games it's good that Fifteen games will be released in the first year; eight will be new franchises.

Once you buy a game it's tied to your account by an activation code.  This will restrict your ability to share discs with your friends.

So far though it looks like the Skype ready Xbox One will be the game system your kids will be begging for(and by kids I mean me lol)