This "Boyfriend Contract" is equal parts hilarious, terrifying, and disturbing.  It's pretty much the exact opposite of what relationship goals are meant to be.  I really hope this dude runs for hills in to the safe arms of his momma (that's if she'll allow him to). Is there anything on this list you agree with? See "the contract" here

Allegedly this was a real thing and the guy who tweeted it out deleted the tweet, but not until it was commented on and retweeted thousands of times!  I think any person in their right mind would never adhere to such to insane demands, nor quite frankly, could they.  Basically it's:

  • Don't Do Anything Fun
  • Don't Even Think About Doing Anything Fun
  • Don't Even Use The Word "Fun"
  • Don't Ever Ever Even LOOK At Another Human Unless It's Me
  • I Own You
  • Text Me

Seems pretty reasonable right? I hope this guy has run so far he's vacationing in Mexico right about now!






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