Some folks in Norway did an experiment.  They put a kid on a bench at a bus stop and wanted to see if anyone would stop and offer him a coat.  This video isn't even in English, but it still gets the point across.  

There is a way to choose "English" in the media player here , but I don't even think you need to do that.  The pictures tell it all.  Put yourself in this video.  Would you have walked by?  Would you have offered a scarf? Would you have taken off your jacket?

Touching, isn't it.  I'd love to try this experiment here.  Maybe we can, but in the meantime, we have our own coat drive happening here at Townsquare Media.  It's called 518-Kids.


Keeping 518 kids warm is a community initiative focused on providing  warm coats to as many capital region kids and their families this winter. Keeping 518 kids warm is presented by Fidelis care and WGNA in association with Pastor Charlie and Victory Church in Albany. Special thanks to Best Cleaners. Coats can be dropped off at the station or at Victory church in Albany.


This drive ends at the end of this week, by the way, so if you have coats to spare, this is the time to help someone in need.

(If you need motivation, watch that video again! )






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