Funny enough, this list has no actual value, some random person at a radio station in Florida is being credited with coming up with a list of the names of girls who are most likely to get pregnant in 2015.

Women and men all over the globe are busy sharing and tweeting this list.  They are either warning their friends who made the list, or crossing their fingers in hopes that it'll come true.

Without further adieu, here's the list of most fertile names of 2015:

(Alert: Results may vary - consult your physician before buying a crib)

15. Taylor

14. Kim

13. Brittany (Britney)

12. Lindsay

11. Nicole

10. Katy (Katie)

9. Kendall

8. Amber

7. Amanda

6. Ashley

5. Jennifer (Jenny, Jen)

4. Christina (Kristina)

3. Heidi

2. Lauren

1. Shannon

top 15 names of girls who will get pregnant in 2015
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

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