I never think when I'm walking to my car in the morning before work that I have to worry about being mauled by a wild animal. Now, there's evidence on Facebook that says I should probably take a second look.

I first saw this post when my cousin shared it on Facebook and I thought "Wow, I wonder which neighborhood that animal is walking around in." I gave it a look and realized I recognized some of the houses, it's on my running route and near my house!

Erica Ottaviano was driving through Niskayuna when she posted pictures of a wild dog running through Lexington Parkway warning people to look out for their pets. I can't tell by the picture if it's a coyote or a wolf but it definitely doesn't look like someone's animal that got away.

I'm sure the wild dog is just out looking for food but either way, it'd be scary to be surprised by the dog. Can you tell what kind of dog this is? Have you seen it?


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