Attention single ladies! If you listen to The Sean and Bethany Show you've surely noticed that we've been hanging out with our favorite single 20-something for a couple of weeks, a one Nick Kessler.

Well, Sean and I are super married, so we love to live vicariously through Nick and his insane dating life.

This week's adventure??  The Sean and Bethany Show Dating Game!

We need 3 lovely single ladies from right here in the Capital Region to volunteer to come into the studio on Wednesday, February 15 during the morning show to play a live version of The Dating Game! (You have to be able to come in that morning... if you can't, then maybe a different hunk is your soul mate??)

Of those 3 women, Nick will pick his favorite, and she will get to go with him to dinner and the Brantley Gilbert concert at the Glens Falls Civic Center on February 16.

But that's not all... he's rolling VIP! And if you're with him, so are you!!!

So check out the video below and see if you could tolerate Nick for an evening... even if it's to get a Meet and Greet with Brantley.... and if you think you're in, email Sean or me and let us know you want in!

Based on how well we know Nick, we'll pick 3 of y'all to come play with us!

Good luck and thanks for having a little fun with us! Who knows, you might just find your true love!?

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