Okay Ladies, I'm up for grabs and I have given myself the title of "The Capital Regions Most Eligible Bachelor." Luckily, I've got Sean,Bethany and Brantley Gilbert in my corner.

Often on the show my dating life is the topic of discussion for Sean and Bethany. Sean is always trying to give me some advice on how to meet women and Bethany is always trying to help me with my game.

Unfortunately, even with their help, more often than not I strike out. Well, not this time! This time we're busting out the big guns!

This time I've got Brantley Gilbert and Tucker Beathard helping me out.

Right now, Sean and Bethany are taking submissions for some single ladies to come in and play the dating game with me. The winner will grab a bite to eat with me and head over to the Glens Fall Civic Center to see Brantley Gilbert. We also might head backstage!

Sean and Bethany are picking the girls so I have no idea who's coming in. All I know is they are picking them based on who they think is most compatible with me.

So here are some things about me you should know.

1. I love to laugh.

2. I have three cats Patty, Boo-Boo and Mr. T

3. I'm addicted to caffeine. You should be an insomniac.

4. Movies are my life. Especially a good scary one.

5. I'm from Michigan. There's still a lot I don't know about the area. Let's explore.

6. If my mom approves... you're in.

Send your submissions to Sean or Bethany at their emails below.




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