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Who Cleans Brantley Gilbert’s Bus? [Watch]
Last night was the Brantley Gilbert concert at the Glens Falls Civic Center and it was an incredible sold out show!
But before Brantley took the stage, he invited us on his bus to hang out for a few minutes.
First of all, the bus was so freaking clean...
Win A Date With Nick to the SOLD OUT Brantley Gilbert Show
Attention single ladies! If you listen to The Sean and Bethany Show you've surely noticed that we've been hanging out with our favorite single 20-something for a couple of weeks, a one Nick Kessler.
Well, Sean and I are super married, so we love to live vicariously through Nick and his insa…
Watch Nick Ruthlessly Make Fun of Sean and Bethany [Video]
You may have heard a different voice in the mornings with Sean and Bethany...
It's Nick. He's a goofy guy with a wild creative streak. He's single AF and has a crazy fun sense of humor... and currently, a pretty bad hair cut.
Before we let him hang out with us in the morning, we kept hi…
Drake White’s Worst Interview Ever [VIDEO]
WGNA'S Nick Kessler is at it again with the "Worst Interview Ever" series and this time his victim , I mean guest is Drake White. Drake was at SPAC this weekend opening for the Zac Brown Band and Nick caught up with him backstage before the show.
Nick Attacks Bethany in Latest GNA After Hours [Watch]
Well, he got Sean last week, and I should have known I was next.  But, I had no idea he would blast me so hard.
Nick Kessler, our Promotion Director and Sunday afternoon host here on 'GNA made a video mocking the crap out of me, and it sort of hurts my feelings, but at the same time, I laug…
Watch Promotions Director Nick Gets His Chest Hair Braided [NSFW]
If you were listening to The Sean and Bethany Show this morning, you heard the story about our Promotions Director Nick getting his chest hair braided on the beach.
A woman who was selling handmade stuff on the beach was bartering with Nick about a license plate that he wanted to buy and one of the o…