How would you like to get a six dollar round trip vacation to Hawaii? There is a fast food restaurant that is giving you the chance. They are limited and you only have a small window to try and get yourself one. Here's how. According to Elite Daily, Arby's is bringing back their King's Hawaiian sandwiches and giving you only two days to win six dollar round trip airfare to Hawaii. Ten lucky people who log onto the Arby's website on Friday April 12th starting at noon for the entire day and Monday April 15th starting at noon, will be able to take advantage of the $6 round trip tickets to Hawaii. Five will be given out on Friday and five on Monday.

Remember these are two separate days of the $6 sale. It is not throughout the weekend. It is separately on Friday and again on Monday. The winners will fly from their local airports and spend twenty four hours or a daylong vacation in Hawaii to enjoy Arby's King Hawaiian sandwiches.

To get complete rules and details about the Arby's King's Hawaiian promotion, click HERE.

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