Win A $6 Trip To Hawaii - Here's How
How would you like to get a six dollar round trip vacation to Hawaii? There is a fast food restaurant that is giving you the chance. They are limited and you only have a small window to try and get yourself one. Here's how.
Garth Brooks Abruptly Stopped His Concert
It seems that during the Garth Brooks World Tour with his wife Trisha Yearwood there have been a few nights where Garth has acknowledged someone in the crowd. In the past it was a young fan who learned how to play guitar so Garth gave him his. There was an elderly woman who hadn't been to a concert …
How Much Would You Pay for the Female Orgasm Mushroom?
Scientists have discovered an orange mushroom in Hawaii that can induce instantaneous orgasms in women just from the odor it gives off.
Yes, that's right... you just have to take a deep breath in and out and bam!!!!!
This orgasm triggered by fungus, or, as some people call it "fungasm," is d…