There have been multiple accidents on Cohoes Boulevard since 2000 and the most recent fatal accident happened just last year. There have been several plans proposed to revamp that area at the end of 787 and the latest have been revealed. The Department of Transportation (DOT) says that there have been three fatal accidents in the area of Cohoes Boulevard including the 2016 death of sixteen year old Brittany Knight.

The DOT presented a $15 million plan to help keep both motorists and pedestrians safe. It includes a path for both walkers and bicyclists, a median with grass and trees and raised intersections to slow down traffic. But the one I have a problem with is their plan to put in a roundabout at the intersection of 787 and Dyke Avenue.

I know that the DOT are experts in what they do and the plans they propose, but I don't understand why the answer is always a roundabout. I don't see these as any safer, I actually see them as more of a problem. If you ask the majority of drivers, you will get a few different answers of how to enter, exit and continue through a roundabout.

I just hope whatever plan is decided upon, it is the safest for the motorist and the pedestrians near and around Cohoes Boulevard to prevent future fatalities.


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