We don't get to say this often, so I'm going to say it while I can. The New York Giants are moving in the right direction.

They recently hired Joe Schoen as their new general manager, taking him from his second-in-command position with the Buffalo Bills. The team is currently in the midst of their head coach interviews, and are poised to make both decisions before some teams even make their first.

Wild Card Round - New York Giants v Green Bay Packers
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And yet, even when the team is starting to make a bit of progress, someone always has something negative to say about the franchise.

In this case, however, the "someone" is the team's former first round pick, Eli Apple. For someone with such a sweet last name, Apple seems a bit salty about his former team.

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Former New York Giants Prospect Goes Off On Old Team

While his team was busy upsetting the Tennessee Titans in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, current Cincinnati Bengals' cornerback Eli Apple was on Twitter, sounding off on the two teams that he called home at the beginning of his career.

First, Apple began with an inquisitive tweet.

Now, what could possibly be wrong with New Orleans, you might ask?

Then, while minding their own business, it was the Giants' fans turn to feel the rath of Eli Apple.

Of course, a shot at the Giants isn't complete without a reminder that the team was bad this year.

So, where did all of this hatred come from? Apple was a highly-touted prospect out of Ohio State, and he was picked 10th overall in the 2016 NFL Draft. Plagued by injury, inconsistency and a poor relationship with his teammates, Apple was soon shipped out of town, landing in New Orleans. He bounced around to Carolina, before signing a one-year contract in Cincinnati for this season.

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Simply put, Apple and the Giants were a bad fit from the start, and both sides were likely very disappointed with how his tenue with the Giants started, went and ended.

He also said this. So, naturally, fans weren't too happy already.

Who's in the Wrong: Eli Apple or the Giants?

Before you read further, allow me to clarify: yes, this question is a joke.

Granted, the New York Giants' scouting department is in the wrong for choosing Apple in the 2016 NFL Draft. They were, however, in the right for cutting bait when they did.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys
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Apple is one-hundred percent, without question, in the wrong for what he said. Now, this isn't a crime, this isn't even an NFL rules violation. It's simply a player, who was spurned by multiple franchises, lashing out at the groups of fans who caused him frustration.

No one was harmed, but goodness, is it a little bit childish.

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