When online sports wagering was legalized in the state of New York, Super Bowl LVI was supposed to be *the* day.

By that, I mean that the Super Bowl was supposed to be the deadline at which all sportsbooks were supposed to be approved, and sports wagering would officially be active in New York state.

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Postgame at Super Bowl LVI / Getty Images

That date, however, ended up being roughly a month late, as soon after the turn of the New Year, the state got all of its ducks in a row, and online sports wagering was active in the state early.

With a month head start on the Super Bowl, New York sports fans got a chance to create their accounts, hone their craft, and build up their winnings for the Super Bowl. As it turns out, it all worked out perfectly, and the state hit it big during the week of the Big Game.

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New York State Set the Bar High for Super Bowl Wagering

According to an article published by The New York Post, New Yorkers wagered a whopping $472.1 million in the days leading up to, and the day of, the Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

Somehow, that total isn't the state's largest during a given week, as the third week of January led to a total north of $500 million. That being said, however, the strong performance during Super Bowl week continues what has been a boon for the state of New York thus far.

New Yorkers can bet on sports from anywhere / Ethan Miller
New Yorkers can bet on sports from anywhere / Ethan Miller

The state takes a 51% cut of revenue from the sportsbooks for their own use, according to the article, an agreement that has led to hundred of millions of dollars being pumped into the state since wagering's legalization on January 6th. These revenue totals are thanks to numbers like 1.7 million, the number of users that DraftKings reported had placed a bet on the Super Bowl on their site.

New York continues to be a pace-setter for the online gambling market, and all eyes are now trained on March Madness, a sports betting mecca that could lead New York state to new heights.

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