It's almost the season of giving and we have a great way for you to not only help donate to The Food Pantries of the Capital District but have a chance at a national recording artist at your school!

The 4th Annual Hunger Games is fast approaching and if you want your school to be a part of the games, you have to enter by 11:59PM on Tuesday, September 26th. If your school wins the Hunger Games, then you'll win an exclusive performance from LANco.

I volunteered with the Food Bank of New York City when I was in college and just as fast as food was coming in, food was going out. I remember having to sort the food and package it up to be sent to places in need. It was so fulfilling because with each palate of food that we separated, boxed, and packaged, they told us where it would be going. I was a participant of that volunteer orientation program for 4 years and being a part of the Food Bank of NYC was always what I looked forward to most.

Like The Food Pantries of the Capital District, the food bank caters to so many people and even though they get a lot of food this time of year, it's never enough. Of course there are other things people need like clothes or shoes but to help with the food donations, that one thing that no one can live without, I really felt like I was making a difference. It was just me and I was separating cans and backing boxes but I knew it was going to a place to help a family who now doesn't have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

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