I don't and won't ever condone stealing food or products from restaurants. You want something, you pay for it.  But one GNA listener explained to us, that while she is guilty of taking this from her favorite family restaurant, she does it for her kids.  It's for the kids, guys...the kids.  Do you do anything similar?

We had our Townsquare Media holiday party last night and it was a really good time.  We laughed, we had a few cocktails, the games were solid and the food was excellent.  So good in fact, one of my colleagues wrapped a bunch of the roast beef in a napkin and shoved it into his jacket pocket.  Absolute scavenger/savage move.  I'm someone who *hates* when food goes to waste and I'm pretty sure this meat was only going to end up in the trash. So I applaud this mover.  As a company, this meat was bought and paid for and was only going to waste.


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