With Alex Trebek set to leave Jeopardy in 2016, who is rumored to step up and replace him?


Many of you might know, Jeopardy is one of my favorite game shows!  I swear I could win if I ever made it on the show! Ok, maybe not but I could maybe host it.  So, the news I heard today got my attention right away!

Rumor has it that Matt Lauer is the favorite to replace Alex Trebek.  We have all seen him on the Today Show, (clearly AFTER the Sean and Richie show is over) in the morning.  But can he handle the game show audience?

Another favorite being considered is Anderson Cooper.  He’s all over the TV on CNN and he has his own talk show in the afternoons. I actually think I'd like Anderson as the host.

What about other host? Does it have to be a serious guy, how about Stephen Colbert?

Both are clearly household names and have proven their knowledge on many topics over the years.  So, who would you vote for?  Or would you pick someone else?

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