Alex Trebek's Jeopardy Shows End - What is...Feeling Empty
Like many, I grew up watching Jeopardy every night with my family. For me, I watched it religiously with my step-father, Jeff. He was a hard-working roofer but he was great at the game show. This week was tough. Not only was it the end of an era and the last shows with host Alex Trebek, but a part o…
Albany Woman to Be on Jeopardy Tonight
We thought the excitement was going to end with the Greatest of All Time Tournament, who knew that a local woman would keep us watching Jeopardy by being a contestant so soon after!
Holzhauer’s Brilliant Run Appears To Be In Jeopardy!
If you're anything like most Americans, the last few months have been spent paying way too much attention to the winning ways of James Holzhauer. You know James; the high IQ'd, high ego'd, professional sports gambler with the lightning fast buzzer, who has been absolutely smashing it on 'Jeopardy!'.…

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