Holzhauer's Brilliant Run Appears To Be In Jeopardy!
If you're anything like most Americans, the last few months have been spent paying way too much attention to the winning ways of James Holzhauer. You know James; the high IQ'd, high ego'd, professional sports gambler with the lightning fast buzzer, who has been absolutely smashing it on 'Jeopardy!'.…
In Jeopardy
That's ridiculous, isn't it?  One simple spelling eror and a 12 year old kid is denied his prize on Jeopardy.  Totally absurd!  Or do you think it's justified?  Let's see how you stand on this important isue.
Swift Gets Picked On
Even Jeopardy couldn't resist making a joke about Taylor Swift when they had a trivia question about her win for best female vocal, they also inserted a joke about the signer ranting about former boyfriends.

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