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Another Great "Wheel Of Fortune" FAIL [VIDEO]
I'm sure you remember the video that went around a couple of weeks ago featuring a man blowing his chance at a million dollars on "Wheel of Fortune" by making terrible guesses on almost completely solved puzzles, well last night we got another great fail on the show.
Swift Gets Picked On
Even Jeopardy couldn't resist making a joke about Taylor Swift when they had a trivia question about her win for best female vocal, they also inserted a joke about the signer ranting about former boyfriends.
Erotic “Wheel Of Fotune” [VIDEO]
It's amazing how entertaining these game shows are becoming, mostly when it isn't even their intention. Maybe it's something that has always happened but in the past was edited out of broadcasts. The point is, people are funny. You can't spend much time with anyone before they do…