An article from recently put up a list by state of the largest employers. I was trying to skim through some of them, just to get a little hint of who it could possibly be here in New York.

Wal-Mart popped up a lot, but they didn't win over New York.

In other states, it leads to healthcare, but not in New York.

Go ahead. I'll give you a few moments to ponder. I mean, I almost didn't guess it either. I thought maybe one of these, but I totally forgot they were combined to form one unit.





SUNY - UAlbany Sign
Bro.Lou Roberts Collection

State University of New York has over 64 campuses across the state and is one of the largest of the countries public schooling systems. Get this, over 460,000 students are enrolled!  To go along with that, the reason why it's our top state employer? Almost 90,000 people are employed! Whoa!

To see more, including what employers ruled the other states, check the list here.

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