Elisa Streeter from News 10 ABC said goodbye to viewers last night after covering local news in our area with integrity, warmth, professionalism, and grace for 30 years.  We've said good bye to some truly great tv personalities over the years.  Some have retired, passed away, others left to pursue opportunities in bigger cities or perhaps completely different lines of work. Who have been your favorites - that are no longer working in our area - over the years?  Off the top of my head, here are a few that in my opinion, were the best to do it and simply irreplaceable.

Ed Dague and Chris Kapostasy-Jansing in my opinion are legendary local news royalty.  If you remember watching Newchannel 13 back in the day, you remember these two and their names still roll off your tongue as if it were yesterday.  Hard to fathom that Kapostasy left WNYT 20 years ago, and Dague retired 15 years ago.

Some of my other favorites over the years have included: Tom Mailey, Jessica Layton, Andrew Catalon, Mr Food, Steve Ammerman, and a sports anchor for WRGB named Rick Renner who wasn't here for very long, but his over the top demeanor and WWE-style personality made the sports package a must-watch.

As for Elisa, we wish her well in her retirement and thank her for the many years of hard work; informing and enlightening us each and every day.  Much like the many icons before her who have left our local tv sets, she won't be forgotten


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