Are there businesses that you drive by every day and never go in? Are there stores you never shop in? Restaurants you never eat in?

Well, maybe it's cause those businesses are on this list!

Harris just released the results of its annual Reputation Quotient Ratings poll, where people rank the 100 most visible companies in the country on how much they like them.

The top 10 companies of 2017 are -

2. Wegman's supermarkets

3. Publix supermarkets

4. Johnson & Johnson

5. Apple

6. UPS

7. Disney

8. Google

9.  Tesla

10. 3M

The worst 10 companies in the US are -

1. Takata

2. Wells Fargo

3. Goldman Sachs

4. Monsanto

5. Halliburton

6. Bank of America

7. Sears

8. Charter Communications

9. AIG

10. Volkswagen

What do you think about the list? Do you agree or disagree with the poll?

Are there any other businesses you'd add to either list?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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