With the election on the horizon and many people out of work, New York state is looking to fill many part-time positions. Here's what they are looking for. According to CBS 6 News, New York state is searching for unemployed New Yorkers to work at the voting polls during the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are worried that they would lose benefits if they take a part-time position, but the state says they would not interfere with current benefits. It will also help the local board of elections with overwhelming voting requests.

There is a critical shortage of poll workers because the pandemic makes those who usually work the polls, the elderly, the most vulnerable during this pandemic. Now the need is greater than ever. The main job would be to assist with the administration with in-person voting during the general election on November 3rd. You could also work during early voting on October 24th through November 1st.

If you are interested in this part-time position, you must be a New York state registered voter and you would be assigned in the county in which you currently live. You would be paid for training and each day that you work.

There are many tasks that a New York state poll worker will be asked to do. You will prepare the polling place for voting, set up the voting equipment, sign-in and process voters, enforce social distancing, demonstrate voting procedures, sanitize voting equipment, close the polling place, canvass and report results, and assist voters if requested.

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