I know this is a rather weird question, but the subject came to mind when I read this article lately about an obituary that is going viral on the web.  First I'll share that with you, and then ask the obvious, yet personal question and see where you lie (no pun intended) 

Screen Shot Herald Newspaper

Recently an obituary was posted in the Sun Herald newspaper in Southern Mississippi.  According to the article, a man named Harry Weatherbee Stamps passed away and his daughter wrote a loving tribute to him.  Actually it was a hysterical tribute and the article went viral.  You can read the whole thing in the above link that I am repeating here .
Here's just one quote from the obit:
He enjoyed buttermilk in a martini glass, garnished with cornbread. Not one to suffer cats, "Law and Order" or Martha Stewart gladly, he liked his women smart and his eggs deviled.....

Very funny obit.  Worth your while to read the whole thing.   And now the poll question-
I Want My Obituary To Be ....


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