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flickr User, Christopher Place
flickr User, Christopher Place

My family has been taking care of my mother who has a rare neurological disease which leaves her brain as sharp as a tack but her body is slowing ceasing to function. For the last three years my sisters and myself, have had to do everything for her, feed her, bath her, dress her, etc. Mom does have friends who stay with her during the day and some weekends so that we can work and attend to other family members. There is still a huge time commitment and many missed events because "someone needs to stay with mom." Agencies will provide some aides however when the lifting part of the equation is mentioned they decline. Although we use a lift, it is still very physical. A few months ago we all (including mom) decided it was time mom moved to an assisted living facility. This was one of the most difficult decisions and discussions I have ever had, we visited facilities found one we liked and were trying to decide when the best time was for the move. (we were thinking weeks away) That is until this past week when mom decided she wanted to delay the move until the fall, and then what? Will she want to delay until after the holidays. How do you place your parent in a facility when they are not mentally ready to go but the rest of us are physically, emotionally and psychologically exhausted? ps - we all have full-time jobs, some with two hours of commute time a day. Any insight would be great.

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