My brother installs custom stereo systems in cars and he has some crazy stories about all kinds of cars... some amazing, some funny, and this one is just plain gross!

While he was working on this car he noticed a lot of bugs crawling all over him. So after he finished installing the system, he decided to look and see where all the bugs were coming from.  That's when he found all of the disgusting creepy crawly creatures under the carpet in the trunk of the poor man's car!

Apparently it wasn't that there was food or a lot of trash in the trunk, but the fact that the car was parked under a specific tree all the time.  The car's owner didn't even know it was happening until my brother told him!

Yikes! Disgusting!

My brother was a good sport about it... he said as long as it wasn't cockroaches or spiders, he's fine.  If it were me, I would definitely not be fine.

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