Sure, it's just the preseason. And sure, it's not even at either of the teams home arena. But, that doesn't diminish the cool factor as I watched the Boston Celtics take on the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday!

I always try to find an 'experience' when it comes to gift giving, especially for my parents who seemingly have everything they need already. Example: I took my Mom to see former American Idol winner, Kris Allen in Boston back in March. Along the way we hit the Lee shopping outlets. We made her 60th birthday present an adventure of a day.

For my Dad, after a little searching I found what I had hoped to be the perfect outing. He also recently turned 60 and he has his favorite things with poker pretty much topping the list. I went to the surrounding casinos to see what shows they may have coming up that I could tie in and it popped up: Mohegan Sun, October 8th NBA Pre-Season Game with the Boston Celtics vs Charlotte Hornets. It was mid afternoon game on a Saturday, perfect! I hit up StubHub to find some of the best tickets I could and waalaa!

Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics Pre-Season Credit: Marissa

After a little gambling was had (he broke even) we headed into the arena and lo an behold our tickets were not only just "row A" but literally on the court! We sat right behind a hoop with an amazing view of the game. Plus, given my profession it was pretty cool to be right behind the TV reporters, as well.

When the game started it was really awesome to see the Celtic players cross their arms in front of the chest and grab each others hands for the National Anthem. With so many athletes taking protest against our country's "jam" it was refreshing to witness what it is supposed to look like when it is being sung.

Boston Celtics at Mohegan Sun Credit: Marissa

When the game begun it was hard not to be totally into it with our view. I mean, imagine the view on your television but like, better! The players were right in front of us and the ball actually came our way a couple of times when it was out of play.

Seeing the game like this is going to make the other two regular season games I have tickets for seem like something is missing. But, my love for this game is strong and whether I'm in the tippy top, last row or right by the court it's always a great time!

Marissa and Dad Credit: Marissa

The beauty of living in the Capital Region? Being just a couple hours away in any direction from some of the coolest experiences around.