Remember poor Ted Williams, the homeless man from Ohio whose beautiful speaking voice captured the world's attention online? This has a very happy ending! 

According to The Daily there's great news for Ted Williams, the poor unfortunate homeless man who's incredible "radio-quality" speaking voice was discovered five years ago. He had multiple offers back then, but personal problems sidetracked his potential career. Well get this!  He has returned to what reportedly was his original job at an Ohio radio station. He is going to do a weekday morning show at 1580 WVKO-AM in Columbus. 

Reportedly, Williams had done some work for Kraft Foods and other clients in the voice-over capacity but has not landed anything permanently until now. I love his new promo shot.


This is quite the contrast from the original photos we saw of him.


This is such a feel-good story, isn't it? Let's hope he can hunker down and be successful at his new position. I will say that doing mornings can be very stressful, if for no other reason than just the early morning schedule. I hope he can handle it and stay on the straight and narrow. Aren't you happy for him? Awesome, Ted. Good luck!