You know when I write these blogs or share a story or video, I like to try to give my opinion or reaction to what you are about to see. I try to perhaps help put into words the lesson I feel is behind the images or notice some small funny aspect that maybe you don't get to see the first time you watch. With this video I just feel that any words or thoughts or even emotional reaction I could add would just be redundant and fall short of the raw humanity of what you are about to see.

Lazaro Nolasco was riding the subway in New York City when she saw what this man was doing and decided to capture it on video and put it on her Facebook. THe video has since gone viral and we are so glad she took the moment to record it.

The video is of a young man by the name of, Joey Resto who say this old shirtless homeless man and could not stop himself from helping him.

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