You know how much i love Dierks Bentley, so I definitely didn't need another reason to love him.  But if you do, try this...

Dierks found the inspiration for his "Riser" video from a segment on "60 Minutes" about families living out of their cars.  The video follows the real life story of a mother of two named Amy Thomas.

He explains,

"Her story is such a solid example that there are people we pass every day who are going through tough times.  I really wanted this video to reflect the risers among us, so it was important to me that the storyline follow something real."


Here's the video -

And here's a behind the scenes look -

I think it's really important for country stars to bring awareness to social issues sometimes.  Remember when Sam Hunt used his video to bring awareness to domestic violence?

So I personally think it's great that Dierks is bringing awareness to this particular issue that plagues a lot of cities in the US.

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