Reddit is one of my favorite websites. It's probably the first website I check out every day to see what's trending online, especially the local subreddits. I like to know locally what everyone is talking about and with Uber and Lyft coming to New York/the Capital Region in July, it's not a surprise that it's a topic on the local front page.

The question user HolyHabenula posed to the Reddit was "Besides ride-sharing what else do you think the city of Albany needs?" I travel through Albany all the time but I don't live there so I was interested in what a lot of people had to say about what Albany needed. Some ideas were smart traffic signals so we don't have to wait in traffic when no one is there, a street for just bars/restaurants and pedestrians, better use of the riverfront than just 787, IKEA, and of course, the ever commented Wegmans.

I love all of those ideas. I've never been to Wegmans so I can't speak to that and 787 is pretty important for people traveling to and from the plaza but any one of those would be great additions to the capital of New York. If I had my druthers, I would ask for better parking in Albany. I'm from Schenectady and it's rare that I can't find parking on a Friday or Saturday night somewhere but that's not the case in Albany.

Speaking of Schenectady, I would probably take the riverfront idea here too. Thanks to the casino, they will be utilizing it a bit more but it's beautiful to be on the water and we need a reason and a place to spend time near it. I also wouldn't mind a shuttle around Downtown Schenectady at night. I feel safe but some of the distances bar-to-bar are a little far if I'm wearing heels or it's cold out so if I could grab a shuttle to various bars, that'd be great. What do you think? Where do you live and what's one thing your city needs?

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