Thursday, January 9 at Midnight the Albany, New York area may witness a magnificent sight.

What are Northern Lights (also known as aurora borealis)? According to WTEN, "An explosion on the sun Tuesday released particles that will show themselves in the form of northern lights. Sun explosions are usually much smaller and trap the particles at the poles, but this recent one was large enough to travel further down towards the equator."

FOX explains "Federal space weather forecaster Joe Kunches said the sun shot out a strong solar flare late Tuesday, which should arrive at Earth early Thursday. It should shake up Earth's magnetic field and expand the Aurora Borealis south, possibly as far south as Colorado and central Illinois. He said best viewing would probably be Thursday evening, weather permitting."

The solar storm is already diverting airline flights around the poles and may disrupt GPS devices Thursday. However, the Nothern Lights should create a magnificent view for stargazers and photographers.

Wondering what causes an aurora? Click here for more information

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