I understand there are lot of social changes that will help move us forward as a nation, but I feel this move is misguided.

I am a patriot. I love our country. But, I am also open minded and will always listen to someone else's side of the story. You know the old saying, "walk a mile in someone else's shoes."

And in this instance, I did that. And I still think taking the flag down is wrong. Here is the story: according to the Washington Post, Hampshire College in Amherst recently stopped flying the American flag after Trump's victory because some felt it represents “racism and hatred.” The flag was initially stolen and burned by enraged individuals. When it was replaced, the flag was raised to half staff as a symbol of  recognizing the feelings of those enraged. But then, as expected, there were those who felt they were dishonoring our fallen heroes by flying it half staff and they objected (I agree with these folks—the flag should only be flown at half staff to honor our fallen heroes or leaders). So the school just took the flag down to appease everyone.

Ultimately, this story comes down to what the flag symbolizes. While I agree there is still a problem with racism and hatred in this country (we have a lot of work to do), the flag is not a symbol of that. Ignorant people are the ones who perpetuate those feelings and thoughts, not the flag.

The flag itself is a symbol of what our country should be, and the the basic human rights of liberty and the pursuit of happiness that it represents. Basically, these folks should not confuse the virtues of the flag with the actions and mindset of actual people— they are the ones they should bring their message to in a more actionable manner.

Changing hearts and minds will not be accomplished by stomping out the very symbol of the the things you want people to think, believe and fight for.

Just my 2 cents.