You would think with summer coming to an end that we wouldn’t be worrying about mosquitoes, but we do.


Earlier this month there were a couple of cases of the West Nile Virus in Berkshire County in Massachusetts, and now it has hit Albany County. The virus is a mosquito-borne infection. We learned this from a story from Fox 23 News. Unfortunately, there's no information about the person that's infected.

The New York State Department of Health stated that with the recent flooding in many areas of the state has created conditions that could increase mosquito populations and all New Yorkers are encouraged to take guard against mosquitoes that could be carrying viruses like West Nile Virus. A good idea is to try to keep mosquitoes from “setting up shop” by getting rid of standing water on pool covers and containers outside that may hold water. The New York State Department of Health has more ideas to help.

If you need to know anything about the West Nile virus, you can call 447-4620. That’s the Albany County Health Department Environmental Health Division.

We just want to make sure that you stay safe. Have you seen any mosquitoes lately? The other night, we had a lot of the critters outside of the radio station.

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