All across the country and in our area, various departments of health are constantly testing for the West Nile virus. There have been two cases detected in our area.West Nile virus is common in the summer and early fall in our area and it is spread through mosquito bites. It appears that in tests done by the Berkshire County Mosquito Control Project in conjunction with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, two samples of West Nile have been detected in Pittsfield.

As a precaution, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has scheduled a spraying for Thursday night between 10pm and midnight. The spraying is done to reduce the mosquito population and the potential for infection. There are no vaccines or medications to treat West Nile virus, so spraying helps to cut down on the potential of being bit by mosquitoes that carry the virus.

You can reduce your risk of the virus by using insect repellent containing deet and wearing clothing to prevent bites.

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