Orkin recently put together the top 50 worst cites for mosquitoes, Albany should maybe break out a citronella candle or five.

They complied their ranking by what cities needed servicing the most when it came to those pesky bloodsuckers. We may all just bat them away but in all seriousness mosquitoes are a huge health concern. They carry many diseases as numerous insects do. Coming in at number one on their list is the home town of Orkin which makes me wonder, do they just get more business in Atlanta?

Albany did indeed make the list and with spring here we should start thinking about prep for the bugs. If you are one of the everyone who enjoys a good bonfire, even someone who takes a leisurely walk through the woods from time to time. Bring bug spray or have a citronella candle nearby. We may not be the worst at number 34 but the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area still made the list.



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