You might be surprised to find out what the deadliest insect actually is, but it can be found all over New York. Thankfully, New York isn't like Australia, where pretty much every insect, animal, and reptile is poisonous, but there are still threats here.

What Makes An Insect Deadly?

Photo by Kai Wenzel on Unsplash
Photo by Kai Wenzel on Unsplash

Insects suck. They also bite and sting. Some inject venom that can kill outright or produce a deadly allergic reaction. Others, like mosquitoes, spread parasites that are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people annually.

Some of the deadliest bugs and spiders on the planet can be found here in New York. Bees actually make the list of the deadliest insects. People who are allergic to bees can easily die from anaphylactic shock. While not native to New York state (but possibly found here), brown recluse spiders can cause great pain and some disgusting wounds.

Although theoretically lethal, there are, in fact, no documented deaths from the brown recluse. On the other hand, a bite from this spider can really ruin your day. That’s because it has necrotic venom, meaning it kills tissue. As a result, an untreated bite can create a gaping bloody hole in your flesh and can lead to amputation. In severe cases, the venom can cause red blood cells to burst.

Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash
Photo by Timothy Dykes on Unsplash

What Is The Deadliest Insect On Earth?

Close-Up Of Mosquitoes
Tom Ervin/Getty Images

The honor of being the deadliest insect goes to the mosquito.

Mosquitoes kill 1 million people per year

New York State is home to 70 species of mosquitos and they are active now through October. They carry several types of potentially deadly viruses that can be transmitted to humans, which is what makes them killers. According to Laura Harrington, a professor of entomology at Cornell University,

Mosquito season generally lasts from the end of April and into October in New York state, but mosquitoes may emerge before April if the spring climate is unusually warm. Unfortunately, mosquito season has been starting earlier and ending later in northern temperate regions due to warming global temperatures.

There are no vaccines available for the viruses mosquitos carry, which include Zika virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis virus, and West Nile virus. Some species of mosquitos are most active during the day, from dusk to dawn, while other species are active all day.

New York State's Health Department offers these tips to help keep mosquitos away from your home:

Here's What You Can Do To Help Prevent Mosquitos Around Your Home

The New York State Department of Health offers these tips to help keep your home mosquito-free.
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