Sentencng in the Alex West trial was handed down today, and the man convicted last month of causing the death of 8 year old Charlotte McCue will spend the next 5-15 years in prison accorrding to News 10 ABC.

News 10 ABC also reports that West had no words entering Warren County Court but he did speak after the sentencing and he told the judge that he is sorry he was part of an accident that took Charlotte’s life and that he prays for everyone including the McCue family. He was convicted on eight of the 12 counts against him last month. The highest offense was manslaughter.

West's attorney, Cherly Coleman, stated that she is "concerned about how he will cope in jail."  Whether she's concerned about how other inmates will treat him or more specificially if he'll try to harm himself behind bars is anybody's guess.

In the meantime, the McCue family is trying to cope with the loss of little 8 year old Charlottle McCue described as "a spectacular, freckly-faced firecracker with a scratchy voice. She was a loving sister, an amazing daughter, a caring granddaughter and a really fun friend.”




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