Last year, a fire at Wendy's on Central Ave. caused the location to close and did some serious damage to the building.

The location has now opened with a brand new look. I said it looked like a complete rebuild and that is exactly what they did. The old building was razed to the ground in preparation of a new, modern-looking building to take its place. and it finally just reopened. I still pass this place on the way to and from work every day and I know thousands of other people do too, so it's nice to see it back in finally back in operation.

At the time I wrote:

That Wendy's was in a really good location. A lot of people regularly take the side road as a shortcut to Albany St. and I always see lots of cars going in and out of there. I'd really like to see something new there, but whoever takes that on is going to have pretty much a full rebuild on their hands. See for yourself:


Wendy's After the Fire



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