After years in the works, approval has finally been given to build a grocery store and two fast-food restaurants in Brunswick. This will be a welcomed addition to the town that has been continuing to grow.

According to Albany Business Review, the approval took six years and developer Dave Leon is ready to build an Aldi's grocery store, a Wendy's, and a KFC on Hoosick Road (Route 7) in Brunswick.  Dave Leon talked about how hard it was to get the project approved :

It's a painful process, almost death by 1,000 cuts. A year ago, I would have been very excited. Two years ago, I would have been excited. Now, with the costs and all the complications, I'm kind of relieved to get this going. Thank God we had national tenants that hung on.

Wendy's, KFC, and the twenty-one thousand square foot Aldi grocery store will be built at 660 Hoosick Road near Planet Fitness. Dave Leon owns this property. It was in 2015 when he first proposed to develop this area.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) did a traffic study in that area and because of the high traffic volume that will increase with the new Aldi's, Wendy's, and KFC, a new traffic signal will need to be installed.

The cost of the entire project will be about four point five million dollars to prepare the land needed for the new buildings. Dave Leon plans to break ground by the spring of 2022.

I am sure that area could use Aldi's grocery store but if you have ever traveled on Hoosick Street you know how congested it already is. Maybe the traffic light will alleviate some of that congestion. We shall see.

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