Here at the Sean and Richie Show we are always looking for ways to save you money.  Exhibit A? The Coupon Lady    But I'd like to help out too, so I'm going to show you some ways to shave a little off of your gas bill.  

It actually is not coming totally from me. Popular Mechanics has some ideas here.  I will summarize.

1.  String Your Errands Together.   If the engine is hot, do everything at once so your not starting the car up numerous times.  That's very inefficient when it comes to fuel use.


2. Don't use that "E15" gas.  That means it has ethanol in it, which is all well and good , but lessens your mileage.  In other words, your mileage may vary in a negative way

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

3. Empty out your trunk.  If there's stuff in there that you are too lazy to remove (like my keyboard which has been in there for a week), it can affect things as well.


It's amazing.  This weekend I jumped in one car and it was empty.  It was almost $65.00 to fill.  Then later on I was asked to pick up a few things at the store, so I jumped into the more fuel efficient Toyota.  That too was on "E". That was about $50 to fill up.  So that's $115.00 before I even got to the store to get a few items.  Those few items totalled over $120.00.

Almost $250.00 and we were going to go out to dinner.  Cancel that idea!  I don't know how everyone does it out there.  It's ridiculous.   Any thoughts?  How are YOU saving money on gas?  Would love to know!