Has anyone seen "The Terminator"? How about "2001 A Space Odyssey"? Any Syfy Saturday night movie? We continue to make these machines smarter and smarter and the next thing you know BAM! John Conner and the rebellion are fighting T-100's for the future of mankind!

So here's the deal IBM developed a computer with the ability to reason and think more like us and less like your lap top. For now "Watson" is content beating up on Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Two of the BEST Jeopardy champions of all time. Did I mention FOR NOW?! How long til "Watson" decides he wants to start some real Jeopardy and enslave us all?

Ok maybe I am a little paranoid and maybe I am jealous that they won't let me on the stupid show but a giant computer hell bent on world domination gets a free pass! Deep breaths ok better now. After the first day of a 2 day tournament Watson is KILLING Jennings and Rutter! Watson has over $25,000 more then Rutter who is in 2nd. I really don't see a comeback in their future.

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