Breaking news out of Watervliet!

There is heavy police presence on Andrewsville Avenue in Watervliet today.

Police have surrounded a home in Watervliet. The details are still coming in and being confirmed but it’s being reported that a man allegedly stole a car from Troy then crashed it in on a residential street in Watervliet Witnesses say this man then entered a house through the basement, armed with a weapon.

Police Car

Watervliet Schools, both the elementary and high schools, as well as Green Island schools are on lock down until further notice.

Police officers from several locations are on the scene. SWAT teams are also on the scene. Police are heavily armed with rifles around the house. The Watervliet Police department has not made any public comments on the situation as of noon today.

Again, these are the details being reported, we will update you as more information becomes available.

Stay Tuned!


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