A local veteran that is wheelchair bound was supposed to go to physical therapy on Tuesday.

Police Hat

The problem was he was pretty much trapped in his home because of so much snow on the driveway and ramp of his apartment. Because of this, Sidney White missed several medical appointments. He was not able to go to physical therapy numerous times, which prompted the therapist contacted the Watervliet Fire Department. They gave a call to the Watervliet Police Department.

Watervliet Patrolman Lyman Conrad went to White’s home in response to the call. When Patrolman Conrad got there, he took it upon himself, grabbed a shovel and made a clear pat, allowing White to get out of his home and go to his appointments.

According to the story on News 10 ABC, they contacted the landlord of White’s apartment and told them that because of the heavy snowfall, it’s been tough trying to keep up with it.

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