Despite the mandated shutdown of salons and barber shops, one such place in Watervliet tried to remain open and they were, at least for a little while.  Touting that they were open for business and "COVID-19 Free", local police had no choice but to fade their attempt.

News Channel 13 reported that Mike's Barbershop at 901 19th Street in Watervliet was still buzzing despite a mandate that keeps them closed during the coronavirus pandemic.  According to the report, Watervliet police spoke to the owner as well as the customer inside the shop and had no choice but to tell everyone to go home.

As the son of a barber, I know first hand that barbers and stylists want nothing more than to be open, serving their loyalty clientele, but rules are rules.  I also know how badly most of us are in need of a haircut, myself massively included, but we can't have barbers cutting the fuzz until we flatten the curve.

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