The park that gave us the greatest commercial to grace our Capital Region televisions has officially announced its closure.

You may remember that Water Slide World didn't open last season because of the death of owner Gary Koncikowski in May. Well, sadly, they have announced that they will be closing indefinitely, according to the Post Star.

Koncikowski's wife, co-owner Dawn, has said that Gary was primarily the person who fixed rides and was the most hands-on so with his loss, she has decided to sell it. There's no word yet on the the timetable for selling parts of the park or the property as a whole but there is a sign on the property listing it was for sale.

Water Slide World originally opened in 1979 and in 1984 became the first park in New York with a wave pool. The family actually tried to sell the park initially in 2004 to retire but with no takers continued to run it until 2017.

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