Fresh snow on the ground, it's what every skier and snowboarder dreams of. But a mountain? Sometimes it's just not necessary.

As parts of the Capital Region received up to twelve inches of snow, some have decided to head right out into the streets. And not so much by vehicle or by foot, but with skis and snowboards.

On Friday morning in Troy, one driver decided to hook up a rope to the back of his pickup truck and take his buddy on a ride through downtown. Now, I can't condone this obviously, but as a sight you don't see everyday, I thought it was definitely something that celebrated the weather - and was a tad out of the ordinary.

It looks like they he was able to get some pretty decent speed as the snowboarder made his way through downtown Troy. Anyone having breakfast at Manory's Restaurant or sitting on the passing CDTA bus were probably caught a little off guard. The snowboard will probably need a good waxing after this.

In Saratoga, meanwhile, some decided to explore downtown on their skis.

If not for anything else, it's a way to embrace the winter weather so many of us either complain about or take for granted. Props to those finding new ways to have fun in the snow on this winter day. Of course, the mountains surrounding the Capital Region welcome you this weekend as well with lots of fresh snow and very little concrete.

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